🧢 Knit Purl Blankets - 8 πŸ†“ patterns

I hope these patterns inspire you to create your own beautiful knit and purl blanket!

These blanket patterns are perfect for those who are new to knitting, as they are relatively simple, yet still provide enough complexity to keep things interesting. 

The patterns feature designs such as zigzag chevron, basketweave, diamond, block, diagonal, rib. With just a basic understanding of knit and purl stitches, you can create beautiful blankets using these patterns.
Blanket 04: Diagonal Stripe
Blanket 07: Double Basketweave
Blanket 09: Scale
Blanket 11: Valentine Heart
Blanket 26: Parallelogram
Blanket 28: Thunderbird
Blanket 29: Stacked Triangles
Blanket 43: Squared Check

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