🧢 The complete list of Overlapping Leaves Blankets

Complete list of Overlapping Leaves Blankets

These blankets are inspired by the natural beauty of leaves. They are created by knitting clusters of stitches that overlap each other, creating the appearance of overlapping leaves.

You can use any type of yarn, but smooth, solid-colored yarn will best showcase the leaf pattern. 
The written instructions may seem a bit difficult to understand at first, but once you have a clear understanding of them, it will become easier. It's important to pay attention to the stitch markers and keep track of where you are in the pattern.
  1. Blanket 14: Overlapping Leaves size 30”x 43”
  2. Blanket 16: Overlapping Leaves size 45”x 47”
  3. Blanket 21: Overlapping Leaves size 43”x 47”

Blanket 16 Knitting Unlimited. Free instructions, chart and PDF file
Blanket 14 Knitting Unlimited
Blanket 21 Knitting Unlimited

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