9 resources for knitters

9 online communities and resources for knitters, ranging from beginner to advanced levels:

1. Ravelry.com

Ravelry is a popular online community for knitters and crocheters. It includes a database of patterns, a forum for discussing topics related to knitting, and a place to connect with other knitters from around the world.

2. KnittingHelp.com

KnittingHelp is a website that provides video tutorials and instructions for various knitting techniques. It also includes a forum where you can connect with other knitters and ask for advice or support.

3. LoveKnitting.com

LoveKnitting is an online store that sells yarn, patterns, and knitting supplies. It also includes a community section where you can find patterns, read blog posts, and connect with other knitters.

4. Knitty.com

Knitty is an online magazine that publishes free knitting patterns and articles about knitting. It also includes a forum where you can connect with other knitters and ask for help or advice.
KnittingStitchPattern - An online knitting web that publishes free stitch patterns for various skill levels and interests.

5. KnittingStitchPatterns.com

This website offers a large collection of free knitting stitch patterns, including lace, cables, and textured stitches. Each stitch pattern includes written instructions and a chart, making them great for beginners and more experienced knitters alike.

6. Craftsy.com

Offers a variety of knitting courses, from beginner to advanced, taught by experienced instructors. These video courses are available for purchase or subscription.

7. Garnstudio DROPS Design - @dropsdesign

A Youtube channel with video tutorials on knitting techniques, stitches, and patterns.

8. StitchFiddle.com

Stitch Fiddle is a website that allows you to create your own knitting stitch patterns. You can choose from a variety of stitch types and create your own chart or written instructions.

9. Instagram

Instagram is a great social media platform for knitters. There are many knitters who share their work, patterns, and tips on Instagram. You can search for hashtags like #knitting, #knittersofinstagram, or #knittingcommunity to find other knitters to follow.

As you explore these resources, be patient and enjoy the process of learning new techniques and creating beautiful projects. Happy knitting!

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