Blanket 33: Jacquard

Needles: US 9 (5.5 mm) and US 10.5 (6.5 mm).
Yarn: Kartopu Melange Wool Tweed (1371, 1381), 1000-1100m.
Finished Measurements: Approx. 35”x 44”.

RS, WS: right side, wrong side.
St (sts): stitch (stitches).
K: knit.
P: purl.
Sl: slip stitch.
Wyib: With yarn in back.
Wyif: With yarn in front.
Knitting Unlimited Blanket 33: Jacquard. Kartopu Melange Wool Tweed yarn. Size 35”x 44”.

With Color A and smaller needles, cast on 155 sts.
Work 2 rows stocking stitch.

Change to larger needles.
With color A, work 6 rows:
Row 1 (RS): K1, sl4 wyif, [k4, sl4 wyif] ×18, k6.
Row 2 (WS): Sl1 wyif, p4, [sl4 wyib, p4 ] ×18, sl4 wyib, p1, sl1 wyif.
Row 3: K3, sl4 wyif, [k4, sl4 wyif] ×18, k4.
Row 4: Sl1 wyif, p2, [sl4 wyib, p4 ] ×18, sl4 wyib, p3, sl1 wyif.
Row 5: K5, sl4 wyif, [k4, sl4 wyif] ×18, k2.
Row 6: Sl1 wyif, [sl4 wyib, p4 ] ×18, sl4 wyib, p5, sl1 wyif.
With color B, work 6 rows:
Row 7: K2, sl4 wyif, [k4, sl4 wyif] ×18, k5.
Row 8: Sl1 wyif, sl4 wyib, p4, [sl4 wyib, p4 ] ×18, sl4 wyib, sl1 wyif.
Row 9: K1, sl3 wyif, [k4, sl4 wyif] ×18, k4, sl2 wyif, k1.
Row 10: Sl1 wyif, sl3 wyib, p4, [sl4 wyib, p4 ] ×18, sl2 wyib, sl1 wyif.
Row 11: K1, sl1 wyif, [k4, sl4 wyif] ×18, k4, sl4 wyif, k1.
Row 12: Sl1 wyif, p1, sl4 wyib, p4, [sl4 wyib, p4 ] ×18, sl1 wyif.
Repeat rows 1-12, ending on a row 6.
Change to smaller needles, knit 2 rows Stocking stitch.
Bind off, weave in ends.
With color A,
Step 1: Cast on 3 sts onto a double-pointed needle (DPN).
Step 2: Slide the sts to the right (without turning).
Step 3: Take the working yarn along the back and tightly hold it across. Not strangling tightly but the next stitch should look like it comes naturally from the previous stitch.
Step 4: K2.
Step 5: Slip the next stitch purlwise.
Step 6: Pick up a stitch from the blanket you’re attaching the I Cord to. Knit it.
Step 7: Pass slipped stitch over the stitch in Step 6. You’ll still have 3 sts on your DPN and your I Cord will now be attached to your work.
Repeat from Step 2 until the end.
Jacquard Slip Stitch Blanket. Cast on 155 stitches.
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