Fabulous Knits 12

Pangolin Scales Knitting Stitch, Free Pattern.  
Techniques used
Knit: K
Purl: P
Yarn over: Yo
Pass yo over p2: Put your left needle into the yarn over and pull it over the two purl stitches and off the needle.

Fabulous Knits 12
Multiple of 4.
Row 1 (RS): knit.
Row 2: k1, yo, p2, pass yo over p2, *p2, yo, p2, pass yo over p2; repeat from * to last st, p1.
Row 3: knit.
Row 4: k1, p2, *yo, p2, pass yo over p2, p2; repeat from * last st, P1.

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  1. Very cool stitch! Looks like dragon scales. How did you get the variegation? It looks like you used two yarns held together.

    1. It's a combination of Kuka Magic Wool yarn and Ice Virgin Wool Fine yarn.
      Thanks for liking.