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Hello hello,
Although most of my social accounts are "nalhcib," that's not my real name. My name is Bich Lan, and I live in the northeastern region of Vietnam. 
Sometimes, I was determined to learn English. I watched English lessons on YouTube, used a paid app to practice speaking and listening, and even had a friend who was willing to teach me for 5 hours a week. It was just so sad that all the efforts I put into studying only led to disappointment.
Currently, I am using GPT AI to assist me in writing a few things about myself, and I apologize if this makes the text difficult to read. Even when using my own language, I still find it challenging to write something.
10 years ago, when I first joined the Ravelry community, I used to upload stitch patterns with confusing English instructions, which often resulted in me receiving reminders ^^. Since then, I had uploaded over 80 patterns, some of which had received over 1000 likes. All of the patterns were just simple knitting patterns due to several reasons. Firstly, I lacked the ability to write instructions for complex patterns. Secondly, my limited language skills prevented me from answering knitters' questions. Thirdly, my tendency to procrastinate was also a contributing factor. Lastly, I must admit that the positive feedback I received from the Ravelry community had been enough to make me very happy. Perhaps this was the reason why I hadn't created any outstanding products.
My biggest collection comprises of more than 100 baby blankets. I don't use or sell them, but simply store them in a closet. Perhaps at some point, I will find a way to make use of them.
So why do I continue to knit so many blankets?
The reason is that they don't require much thought in terms of style and size. Moreover, by sharing knitting instructions on my blog and YouTube channel, I am able to generate income and sustain myself without having to pursue other work outside of home.
A few years ago, I traveled to meet new people and hopefully find a partner because I had started feeling anxious as my dad was getting older, and I wanted to settle down before it was too late.
During my travels, I met many interesting men. Some had pleasing facial features, while others were healthy and motivated me to run every morning with the aspiration of participating in a half marathon. I also encountered men with a great sense of humor, making my travels even more enjoyable. However, since we were both travelers, at some point, we would have to part ways. When I said goodbye, I expressed my hope that the stars would bring us together again. However, it had seemed that the stars were very preoccupied, so I had taken the initiative to meet with them. Haizzz unfortunately, my attempts were not fruitful. Perhaps it is still best to wait for the stars to align.
So, now I have returned and am continuing to knit blankets while nurturing my dreams!
My future plan is to purchase a house situated on a lively and bustling street where there will always be a constant flow of people and vehicles passing by. It will be a house that is always open to anyone who wants to spend the day observing and listening to the sounds of life while knitting or crocheting. Knitters from all over the world who visit Vietnam will be welcome to stay for as long as they like.
I also have another small dream, which will be to travel around the world and see everything. However, this will depend on my country's position in the world. As an ordinary person, obtaining a visa to a developed country will not be an easy feat.
At the age of 45, I will use all the money I have to choose one of these dreams to fulfill.
If you would like to support me, I would be immensely grateful if you could regularly visit my blog and YouTube channels (Knitting Unlimited and Knitting Stitch Patterns) or donate via PayPal (perhaps I'll need it later, not at the moment).
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart,
Bich Lan.

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